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She has such a role in the hoax.

I found something interesting about Taunya Zilkie, friend Karen Faye.

“Calligrapher Karen Jewell was surprised to be offered the job by Jackson`s family for the funeral.

The e-mail landed in Karen Jewell’s inbox on a Sunday night three weeks ago, and as the calligrapher and invitation designer started to read, for a moment it seemed unreal.

She quickly typed the names at the bottom of the message into her computer, and lo and behold, Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush turned out to be Jackson’s costume designers for the past 25 years.

The top-secret assignment revealed to her the next day was daunting:

Can you create an 8-page invitation for Jackson’s long-delayed funeral, design it with all the luxury and style befitting the King of Pop, address each envelope by hand with ornate calligraphy – oh, and can you have it all done in a week?

At noon on Tuesday, Sept. 1, she drove up the 605 Freeway to rendezvous with Taunya Zilkie, her Jackson family contact (and the girlfriend of Michael’s brother Randy), meeting at a gas station halfway to deliver the invitations.

Jewell had given the family two leather-bound condolence books to use at the ceremony, and also purchased silver pens for guests to use to sign their names and write a short remembrance. The books were delivered with the invitations, but the pens had been forgotten back home in Tustin.

And so on Thursday, Sept. 3, she found herself rushing to Forest Lawn Glendale to meet an escort up to the site where services would soon be held.

“They were gracious, kind, even though they’re in their grief and their sorrow,” Jewell said of the Jackson family, who she believes were guided to her by a divine hand, and who invited her and a few of her crew to the post-funeral gathering at a Pasadena restaurant. “They cared about me because I cared about them.

“That’s how Michael was. Michael was always for the fans, always for the common guy. And that’s how they were with me – (Zilkie) wanted to include all of us.”

A week after the services, after the invitation she designed has appeared everywhere from CNN to eBay (note to would-be buyers: Jewell initialed the backs of all the invitations she made, a mark she says is missing from some she’s seen online), life is settling back to normal, Jewell says.”

Taunya Zilkie sites administrator, such as:

Randy Jackson http://randyjackson.us/

Karen Faye http://karen-faye.com/

MESEREAU & YU (Attorneys): http://www.mesereauyu.com

Michael Bush & Dennis Tompkins http://www.zilkinc.com/artists/michael-bush-dennis-tompkins

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  1. Courtland Llauger
    08.10.2012 at 6:51 am

    How did my photo from the repass after Michaels funeral get here?

    • 09.10.2012 at 8:03 pm

      What kind of pictures do you say? Who are you?

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