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Return to Neverland…

CNN LARRY KING LIVE Jermaine Jackson Discusses His Brother’s Death and Legacy

Aired June 25, 2010 – 21:00   ET

KING: We all remember watching that funeral. Who didn’t watch it? Now we’re here in front of the mausoleum where your brother was interred. Where was the funeral? Was it right here?

JACKSON: I think it was around the corner someplace.

KING: Does the family visit here often?

JACKSON: We come, and friends come and they bring flowers because I have been here and see a lot of different seating arrangements around his — his burial site, and it’s very cold in there. It’s a dark corridor.

KING: We’re not allowed in. But it is dark and cold?

JACKSON: It is cold, Larry. It’s — it’s — to walk this corridor and all hear is your footsteps and it’s — Michael shouldn’t be here. I always felt that.

KING: You wanted him where?

JACKSON: At Neverland.

KING: Kids come here often?

JACKSON: No, no.

KING: No. Do they get along well? The kids?

JACKSON: Oh, yes.

KING: Because kids always fight.

JACKSON: Yes. They —


JACKSON: They get along very, very well. They — it’s the video games and all that stuff, and having the little fights and just — and then they get bored and they want to go out to the movie theater and catch the latest animation film, but they are getting along.

KING: Did they see their father’s film?

JACKSON: I don’t know yet. I think they may have a copy. Because according to my two sons they —

KING: Because it’s on HBO now.

JACKSON: Yes. Yes. But they are not allowed to do too much on the Internet and all that kind of stuff.

KING: Good idea.


KING: How — were you surprised how well they did at the memorial service?

JACKSON: Very, very well.

KING: Everyone was.

JACKSON: Yes. They were — I guess right when it happened, the therapist felt that it was important for them to go in and see Michael right then and there, and they got it all out. But, still, it will always be there. They are learning to live with it, too. But they’ve done a tremendous job of just being strong and being so young.

KING: Your — I want to get this right. Your sister Janet has talked about the fact that Michael had a problem, and the family tried several interventions with regard to the problem with drugs. You think you could have done more?

JACKSON: We all say that after the fact, but some of the attempts of intervention, I wasn’t there.

KING: You weren’t?

JACKSON: I was out of the country. But I had heard about them, but Michael would never, ever, ever take his own life, and I — if Michael were sitting here right now, and we were to say to him, Michael, you’re not going to be here, and your kids are going to be left fatherless, he would say, oh, no, that would never happen.

And the fact that there’s been so many ridiculous things being said by Dr. Klein and all these idiots who were saying these horrible things now that he’s not here. I’m very much against that.

Michael loved life. He was the type of person who saw a fly in the room, he wouldn’t smash it against the wall. He would let it out. He would open the door to let the fly out. He loved preserving life and life for others. Why would he take his own life?

KING: Do you think your brother was killed?

JACKSON: Yes, of course. Of course.

KING: No doubt in your mind.

JACKSON: No doubt in my mind.

KING: Have the authorities done enough? They haven’t — JACKSON: No.

KING: Well, they’ve stopped at Murray, haven’t they?

JACKSON: Yes, but we looked at the authorities they’ve done their part but at the same time, it’s the D.A.’s office, and I just don’t trust anybody. I really, really don’t. We lost a brother. What really has really — one of the hearings we went to, they were sitting there laughing, Larry. They’re laughing. I felt like getting up and walking out.

KING: Who?

JACKSON: The — first of all I think TMZ was filming this, and they all showboating for the camera, and they were talking about whether the license should be taken or not, and there was chuckles and laughs, and I’m seeing this, and we lost our brother. How disrespectful.

And we’re sitting there and I wanted to get up so bad and just walk out. This is our system, our judicial system. And they are sitting there laughing.

KING: Is the family planning any civil action?

JACKSON: Well, we’re in meetings, and that’s a good question, but right now we’re just trying to make sure that every rock is turned over and we can really get a thorough investigation.

KING: Do you think we’ll ever find out the whole story?

JACKSON: Yes. Yes. You know why? Because this family is not going to let it not happen. We love him, we miss him. The world needs to know the truth. We need to know the truth. You need to know the truth. And absolutely. We’re going to do everything in our power as a family to make sure the world knows on what really happened.

KING: Has the estate paid the city, by the way, to cover the public memorial at Staples?

JACKSON: Yes. That seems —

KING: There were stories about that. What is it?

JACKSON: Larry, it’s — Michael’s estate is probably one of the most successful financial estates, close to $1 billion now up to this day, and to have all these things about debt and this and that, it’s like when he was alive, they beat him down with this child molestation stuff. They try to make it seem like he did this.

You beat someone down with the very thing that they love. And this was all planned. This was all to try to kill him with that. They couldn’t kill him with that. So he had a dependency on sleeping pills or whatever, so they found a way to kill him with that. They found a way.

KING: But the city has been paid, all that has been cleared? JACKSON: Yes.

KING: The day Michael died, how did you find out? I remember you told me but —

JACKSON: I found out —

KING: Where were you?

JACKSON: I was in Azuza. Not too far — on the other side of Pasadena. Someone from your office called my wife’s phone.

KING: CNN told her?

JACKSON: Yes. You guys told us first. And they said do you know anything about Michael being rushed to the hospital? So I said no. Then I got off the phone and then I called my mother right away, and my mother said, yes, I’m on my way to the hospital right now.

So the — once I got off with her, 45 minutes had gone by, I’ve spoken to an attorney, friend Joel Katz, then I spoke to my sister Janet, and then Joel admitted to me saying it was pretty bad.

And I said, mom, and then I called my mother back and she was there in the hospital. And I heard her say he’s dead, he’s dead. The tone of her voice, Larry, was a tone that I’ve never heard before. And I cried.

I didn’t know how to get from Westwood — from Azuza so we put it in the navigation. And we were crying along the way, and the phone is ringing off the hook, and people texting and calling, and then as we hear — the whole phone system crashed, and we got closer to Westwood, we see all of these helicopters —

KING: In the UCLA hospital?

JACKSON: Yes. We saw these helicopters — hovering in the sky, and Westwood is people just standing still and it’s taped off, and so I drive up to the policeman and they let me in. And I go to the emergency part, and I go straight to my mother, and she is sitting there like in a daze.

She was just in a daze, numb, staring into space. And then said I — I consoled her a bit and then I went to see him. I said, well, where is he? And she says he’s down the hall. And I walked in this room, then — it took a lot, Larry, to walk into the room and see your brother laying there lifeless. Laying on the — this gurney thing like.

And he — and I sort of touched his face, and it was still soft. He was still soft, and I pulled his eyelid back to look at his eyes, and I just kissed his face and it’s a horrible feeling to have death in your family, that close.

KING: What was the magic of the Jackson Five?

JACKSON: The magic of the Jackson Five was having a team like Motown, having Barry Gordy, Susan Depasse, Shelly Berger, all of these people who knew how to take what we had and put it into this Motown machine and just present it for the world. That was the magic. And then we were so young, singing these grown up songs, and Michael singing about who is loving you, and he has never experienced love at that age. It was just unbelievable.

KING: And it will never go away, you know.

JACKSON: But we — my kids are playing “I Want You Back,” ABC stuff. I’m hearing this all the time now. Yeah.

KING: It’s safe to say you think about him every day.

JACKSON: Every day. Every day. I just — sometimes, I just say Michael, Michael, Michael. Michael, where are you? Michael, I miss you. Yes.

KING: You believe he’s somewhere?

JACKSON: Yes. Absolutely.


KING: Because that cloud is moving in front of the Moon is a little shaky.

JACKSON: No, no. You know why, Larry? See, his spirit is very much alive. I went to Mumbai, and I went to go on the side of town in India to tailors. And I saw this outfit in the window. And I loved this outfit, but it was in an appliance store. But the store that had this outfit was three stories up. So I walked in and said, where is the store for this outfit. They say it’s three stores up. So I go in this elevator, go three stories up, and the guy said, oh, my God, your brother was here. I said who? He said, Michael. I made clothes for him.

So he brought all the pictures out, everything. What are the chances, a billion people, all these tailors in India, and I end up in the same place where Michael was to get clothes? I feel him, just because his spirit is very much alive. He was a positive soul.

KING: How is he going to be remembered?

JACKSON: He’s going to be remembered as a great humanitarian that cared about people, cared about life, and a great artist, and a humanitarian.

KING: And one of the greatest entertainers who ever lived, right? Where are you going to put him?

JACKSON: In Neverland.

KING: You keep going back to Neverland.

KING: Would Michael have chosen this, do you think? You want Neverland.


KING: You don’t like him in here, right?

JACKSON: No, no. He needs to be somewhere special. Larry, I really feel that with what my brother has done just for people all around the world, there should be something special.

KING: Not inside —

JACKSON: A monument in D.C. for Michael Jackson.

KING: In Washington?

JACKSON: Yes, absolutely. Not because of the music, because of the message in the music, and how it touched so many people. That’s what it should be. But he should be laid to rest —

KING: Who decided here, though? Who said let’s do it here?

JACKSON: Well, my mother and — I think it was like because we needed to put him somewhere for the moment. But I think it’s — it’s not too late.

KING: He can move.

JACKSON: To Neverland, right?

KING: Do the rest of the families have plots here?

JACKSON: Larry, plots.

KING: Plots. No, I mean —

JACKSON: Meaning — no.

KING: Do you all want to be around each other?

JACKSON: I don’t want to be here.

KING: I don’t want to be anywhere.

JACKSON: No way.

KING: That’s what Woody Allen said, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

JACKSON: I would love to — oh, my God. I don’t even want to talk about it.

KING: OK. What events are planned here on the anniversary day, when we are broadcasting this at night? A lot of people are expected, right?

JACKSON: Yeah. Well, it’s probably going to be inundated with people, fans and things. I know the family is getting together and it’s going to be great.

KING: You coming out at night or early in the day?

JACKSON: Probably in the middle.

KING: I hear there is going to be balloons, music. They’re going to make it like a celebration, in a sense, of his life.

JACKSON: It’s going to be exciting. But, at the same time, that’s what he would want, a celebration.

KING: His ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, asked everyone to bring flowers. JACKSON: That’s sweet. That’s very, very sweet. Do you know when she was married to him, I really loved the idea of them being together.

KING: Two legends.

JACKSON: Yeah, yeah. And she was always nice to me in the times that I spoke to her. Yeah. No, but this corridor here, Larry, when you walk down this corridor, you hear this —

KING: I don’t want to go in. They won’t let me in. You can get in.

JACKSON: Yeah. And it’s — wow, you see, Larry? Look. Just look down. You see? Right at the end, that’s where he is, right there.

KING: At the end of the corridor?

JACKSON: Right, right there.

KING: It looks like a little Shegal (ph) glassware.


KING: Can the camera see in there?

JACKSON: It’s very cold in there, Larry. It’s like marble. And you hear an echo when you walk.

KING: What are they like slabs?

JACKSON: There are people all up here.

KING: Names next to them?

JACKSON: Yeah. And see anyone that comes to see their loved one, they can stand right in front of Michael’s site and say, Michael is right here.

KING: Clark Gable is here.

JACKSON: Take a picture. Yeah. Here are some flowers.

KING: Some flowers already.

JACKSON: Yeah. But that’s where he is, Larry.

KING: Look at that setting.

JACKSON: It’s so beautiful and peaceful. But Neverland is more peaceful than this.


I highlighted the most important phrases for me. Interesting interview is not it?

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