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Welcome to Vegas!

“Jackson always dreamed big, and toward the end of his life, he spent quite a bit of time in Vegas cooking up another abandoned pie-in-the-sky project. In October 2005  Jackson began work with fashion designer André Van Pier on costume and set designs for a Las Vegas residency. Their concepts included plans for a 50-foot tall MJ robot that would roam the Nevada desert as an ad for the singer’s show and an enticement to visit a robot-themed hotel…”

“A longtime friend of Michael and the Jackson family, Van Pier had previously designed costumes for sisters Janet and La Toya. But that wasn’t all …”

So, let’s learn more about what to work Michael and that may await us.

“In 2007, Van Pier, his partner Michael Luckman and artist Timothy Patterson garnered attention when New York’s Daily News reported the team was working on a 50-foot Michael Jackson robot that would roam the Nevada desert. Visible to tourists landing at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, the monolith would be a walking advertisement for Jackson’s show. “Michael’s looked at the sketches and likes them,” Luckman told the Daily News at the time.”

“Living in Nevada during this time, Jackson reportedly entered talks with a number of Las Vegas investors, including casino owner and longtime friend Steve Wynn, but “Michael just couldn’t raise enough money,” Luckman said. Colony Capital, the Las Vegas equity firm that purchased much of Jackson’s Neverland Valley Ranch debt, also was reported to have considered recurring a Las Vegas show as an option for repayment. However, investors were reportedly reluctant to enter such a deal with Jackson in the wake of the trial.”

“The idea came up as a proposal to build a giant robotic hotel,” Patterson explained. “The face would move, shooting laser-beam-looking lights. The whole building would be covered with spotlights.” Though André Van Pier passed away in August of 2008, Luckman and Patterson continued to develop the hotel/ casino concept after his death.”

Perhaps the idea of a robot was embodied in the film TII?

Jackson was also clearly looking to take his place among the musical icons he most admired and whose sales records he was determined to break during the course of his career. Just like the Beatles and Elvis Presley, Jackson will be immortalized by Cirque du Soleil with a permanent show in Las Vegas and a touring version in 2011, thanks to an agreement with Jackson’s estate. This brings to fruition a long-held dream for Jackson, who was a big fan of the Canadian troupe’s productions and had discussed mounting a show based on his music several years before his death.”

So, do these projects in the past? Or we will see them?

About other projects, possibly future dates, you can read here.

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