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SAW – my thoughts…

Perhaps this is irrelevant…
Recently, TMZ published an article about Balloon Boy.

Balloon Boy’s Home Takes Off with Renters!

Many believers connected history of the Balloon Boy with Michael Jackson in 2009…

Is something much larger unfolding
right before our eyes!!

As the whole world watched the Ballon Boy
fly away.. he really wasn’t even there.
He was hiding. When asked by the media
sitting with his father and family,
” Didn’t you hear us calling you ” ?
Where were you? Balloon Boy Confesses:
“It Was For The Show”

What really happened today?Is this a turning point.
Thanks to E! Entertainment for the picture (s)!


Probably this article in TMZ means something?

You see it? – SAW... The saw???A man in a mask Jigsaw trying to catch Paris last Halloween.

Jigsaw is a character in the movie “Saw”

You can read a very interesting material “Michael Jackson Pig Mask from The “SAW” Movie” in a blog by Silver Glepha – http://silverglepha.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/michael-jackson-pig-mask-from-saw-movie/

Shots from a film “Saw” were in mysterious video LastSevenWords…

This very day, when there was article about Balon’s boy in TMZ – there was a trailer of “Saw 3D”. This is a 7 part of the movie, the premiere will take place in a Halloween 2010. If to summarize numbers on the house number 5+4+3+4=16 1+6= 7 )))



“the last piece of the puzzle”

We should see something? Probably it is simple coincidence… It simply my thoughts…

  1. Dragonfly
    18.09.2010 at 3:35 pm

    When i have you have love in your heart, I feel a love vibration so intense, it took my breath away this I feel is pure unconditional love.

    I remember flying high and feeling free, creating some amazing Magic with some amazing people that came along for a journey to, one from the heart, the most special gift to give to people is love so pure & true, to feel inspired and touch each other I know in my heart I have the love, I can trust, and forgive, I own the passion and the will the desire, my Faith holds me strong, that the love I found will return one day, his words, his love his touch to inspire us all.
    I miss this man, so much I love him and just wanted to let him know
    Angels do exist they are simply Friends they keep us strong with Divine love.
    Yes that place still exists in my heart God bless in my heart.

  2. 2dayfly
    19.09.2010 at 9:20 pm

    bless you

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