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On of the most amazing reports is about an unannounced 3-DVD box set, titled ‘Vision’. According to a Facebook post by Andre Harris (Andre Harris and Marsha Ambrosius wrote and composed ‘Butterflies’ for the ‘Invincible’ album) this 3-DVD box set is set to be released around the same date has the new album and the Wii game ‘The Experience’.

Well, an interesting title is not it?

According to the post this is 100 % confirmed by Sony Music. The details are said to be given in an e-mail from Sony Music USA in the morning of September 24th. Harris also says ‘Vision’ will contain a new music video for the first single of the new album.

Harris explains that the promotion around the projects is going to be BIG, they are all coming together. In addition to a party in Sydney, Sony Music is also planning an event in LA and London as well as other locations around the world.

According to Friedman, four of what might be 12 tracks will be derived from sessions Michael did with Eddie Cascio in his suburban New Jersey studio three years ago. At least one of those tracks was originally co written and produced by Eddie’s brother Frank Cascio for an R&B singer named Bobby Ewing.
Michael Jackson Estate co-executor John McClain is in charge of the project. Sources say that McClain’s been relying heavily on Michael’s brother, Jackie Jackson, for help since he’s not, technically, a music producer. Rodney Jerkins and Akon are also working on tracks.

So after all they are working on a project? What are secretive …

Also Lenny Kravitz is named regarding the new album and Teddy Riley is even sending out messages on Twitter about the project. According to Riley Michael is going to be very proud about the job they are doing.


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