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TII=The Immortal Tour. Part 1

MONTREAL, Nov. 3, 2010, PR Newswire

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour will call on the diverse talents of the following creative minds:  

Guy Laliberte, Creative Guide;

Jamie King, Writer and Director;

Chantal Tremblay, Director of Creation;

Mark Fisher, Set Designer;

Zaldy Goco, Costume Designer;

Kevin Antunes, Musical Designer;

Martin Labrecque, Lighting Designer;

Olivier Goulet, Projection Designer;

Francois Desjardins, Sound Designer;

Scott Osgood, Rigging and Acrobatic Equipment Designer;

Germain Guillemot, Acrobatic Performance Designer;

Michael Curry, Props Designer.

Let’s talk about Zaldy.

And, while his first big break may have come from working with Gwen Stefani on her L.A.M.B. label, it wasn’t until 2009 that Zaldy’s career reached its apogee. Last year, in quick succession, both the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and the reigning queen of the online music industry, Lady Gaga, called on Zaldy to create the costumes for their concert tours. This is particularly noteworthy as both Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga have used costumes to project their unique, star qualities and create iconic images.

Zaldy for Gaga

Remember, these costumes were made by Zaldy Goco ostensibly for a tour of This Is It.

But we have not seen them in the movie.


For whom will make costumes Zaldy?
For the troupe of dancers or circus? (Remember, they are connected two-year contract).

Maybe This Is It is only a rehearsal of the Immortal tour?

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