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Purple – the color of Kings

Since Kenny tweets I thought to write this post.
Remember that he wrote?


In human color psychology, purple is also associated with royalty and nobility (stemming from classical antiquity when Tyrian Purple was only affordable to the elites). 


Anti-apartheid movement
The Purple Rain Protest was a protest against apartheid that took place in Cape Town, South Africa on September 2, 1989, in which a police water cannon with purple dye sprayed thousands of demonstrators. This led to the slogan The purple shall govern.


Computer games

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (SAIS) is a hybrid strategy/adventure computer game in which players explore a “plausibly implausible” (fictional) region of the Milky Way galaxy called The Purple Void.



Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, said, “Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender.”



Purple is the favorite color of the pop celebrity Prince. His 1984 film and album Purple Rain is one of his best known works. The title track is Prince’s signature song and is nearly always played in concert to this day. Prince encourages his fans to wear purple to his concerts.


People with purple auras are said to have a love of ritual and ceremony.

Let’s look at The Color Purple.

The title of the book is a very important symbol. Celie goes through life having a hard time noticing the beautiful aspects and appreciating them. She had a difficult life and was abused as an adolescent. The color purple is continually equated with suffering and pain. Sofia’s swollen, beaten face is described as the color of “eggplant”. : the site of her sexual violation.[3] However, later Shug points out to her that you have to enjoy life. When they were in a field of purple flowers, Shug tells Celie to look at the flowers and embrace their beauty. “You must look at all the good and acknowledge them because God placed them all on earth”. After learning this, Celie has a better respect for life and everything it has to offer. Celie also loves God.

In 1985 the book was filmed.

Danny GloverAlbert
Whoopi GoldbergCelie Johnson
Margaret Avery … Shug Avery
Oprah WinfreySofia
Willard E. Pugh … Harpo Johnson (as Willard Pugh)

So, Oprah. She played a strong woman, and this role may influence the further formation in showbusiness.

It is interesting that one of the composers was Quincy Jones.

So maybe the King will return to Oprah?

I’m just saying.

Sresial thanks to HeavenSilverCat .


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