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All that This Is It show. Kenny Ortega & Ko – Part VII

Do not get tired of surprising scope of what is happening.
Many times told myself – It’s all for show.
Do you think that the end of film editing a show called This is it over?

On February 5, 2011 Travis Payne:

“Owing to Michael Jackson’s tragic passing, fans would never get to see his This Is It show. Payne tells us there were going to be many amazing surprises. Everyone from Diana Ross to Mariah Carey was going to sing and perform with Michael during the show’s run at the O2 Arena in London.Travis confided to me after the interview that it was going to be the greatest show ever and there are many surprises that were planned that people still don’t know about.”


Wow, how interesting .

“Though still early in her career, Jackson had let Travis know that he wanted to even invite Lady Gaga to perform with him. Who knows what the performance would’ve been like, but it would have aligned, in some way, the King of Pop and the Poker Face singer.”“I was working on This Is It with Michael Jackson and we were creating a shortlist of artists we were gonna invite to appear with Michael on the show at several events and different occasions. After we had gotten to the end of the list, we had of course Janet and Diana Ross and Justin Timberlake and Usher and Missy Elliot and Teddy Riley, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and a lot of people that he loved, artists. We got to the end of the list and I said, is there anybody else you add and he said, yeah. I said, who? Lady Gaga. I go really? He said, yeah, she’s cool and I said, ok.  

I think all of these people to  were involved in the hoax.At that time, I wasn’t familiar. I think Gaga had put out Poker Face. It was still early on at her success. And I said really? He said, yeah, she’s cool. You gotta get into her. And I said, ok. So that was really my sort of introduction to her. As you know, we wouldn’t get to do This Is It, but shortly after we completed all of the memorial services for Michael, I got a call from Lady Gaga. We had a discussion about her show and it just blew me away. I told her the story about how Michael had said that he wanted to invite her to sing with him in his show and of course she was so moved and humbled and then that’s how I met her. She just sort of called out of the blue. So I’d like to think Michael had everything to do with that.” 

“I had the wonderful pleasure of working with Michael for 16 years. First, as a dancer and ultimately as his associate director and producer as well as choreography partner for This Is It and everything that the project turned out to be and I’m forever grateful to him for all the opportunities throughout the years…Being able to create with Michael on such a high level where you don’t run into the normal issues with budgets or excess or not being able to realize a vision. The only thing that was the deterrent was time.”

What about talk that the budget was limited and shootings are used only 2 cameras?

“I asked Travis when the last time he saw Michael Jackson was. “Was it shortly before the Gloved One’s passing?” Mr. Payne recalls the entire event like it was yesterday. He tells us they parted saying, “I love you” to each other.“The last time I saw Michael was June 24th. The evening, we had finished rehearsal and we had completed the show, all the beats were there and we were waiting on a few sort of components that would be used for the set and things like that and we were just about to leave the following week for London for a series of rehearsals there before opening. The evening before his passing, I saw him and we had a rehearsal and he was leaving. Just in true Michael Jackson fashion, as he’s leaving, we pass each other and always it was just a regular occurrence. You pass him in the hall or you pass him walking and you say, ‘I love you.’Most times he’ll say I love you first. That was the exchange, always. So we did that. I said, ok, see you tomorrow. He said, ok, see you at two o’clock and that was our time. We always met for This Is It and often times for other things. There was something about that time that was good and that was really it. Last thing he said to me was I love you. So I’m grateful for that and that was the last thing I said to him. So I’ll remember that forever as one of my sort of favorite moments that was the last thing we said to each other and we meant it.”


” He created his own schedule and we facilitated and worked with him on every single minute that he was available and he was sort of just so happy about all of it. He was happiest when he was creating. So it was so surprising to me that there was anything a matter with his health. He had passed every physical. He was working. He was showing up. He was doing his thing…It was an on going sort of a task to put this show together and he was at the helm of it all.
So I just when so shocked like the rest of the world when he died. I still am in shock.”

Travis Payne told me he has not been called on to be a witness, testify or provide information for Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial. As for his future, Travis is hoping for it to be creative, productive and fulfilling. He is definitely a dream achiever.”

The show goes on. We have not seen nothing yet.




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