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She is one of them

Everyone has already seen the new video for Hollywood Tonight

The main part there played Sofia Boutella

From http://www.michaeljackson.com/ , april 2009

Update on the dance auditions…Two women (one alternate) and six men were booked to perform with Michael Jackson. The two women are Sofia and Tyne and two of the maledancers are Jeremy Hudson and Dres. 


Interesting. That is, once again there were no auditions, and took the familiar dancers.
See Most of the dancers in the video from one agency – Bloc LA.
The same thing happened with the dancers for TII.

And yet

Jamie King and Sofia Boutella

As we remember Jamie King is the director of the upcoming show Cirque du Soleil – The Immortal World Tour.

No random people in this enterprise.

Special thanks to Breakodawn.

Update. That’s interesting. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

Michael Jackson was so impressed with dancer, Sofia Boutella — star of the late icon’s new music video for “Hollywood Tonight” — he was ready to offer her the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to dance alongside him on his This Is It concert series at the O2 Arena in London. Unfortunately, she was still under contract for Madonna’s Confessions Tour at the time and couldn’t get out of it. Seeing how disappointed Boutella was, Jackson turned to a couple of his collaborators and said: “I used to date Madonna. I should call her.”
  1. voiceforthesilent
    14.03.2011 at 8:52 am

    Great information on Sofia – thanks! Many blessings – peace to Japan.

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