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Funny get right? At these words the same root.
We are almost 2 years ask a question – Michael is alive?

In mythology and literature, a quest, a journey towards a goal, serves as a plot device and (frequently) as a symbol. Quests appear in the folklore of every nation and also figure prominently in non-national cultures. In literature, the objects of quests require great exertion on the part of the hero, and the overcoming of many obstacles, typically including much travel. The aspect of travel also allows the storyteller to showcase exotic locations and cultures (an objective of the narrator, not of the character)…”

And yet we continue the quest…online.

A quest in role-playing video games — including massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and their predecessors, MUDs — is a task that a player-controlled character or group of characters may complete in order to gain a reward. Rewards may include an increase in the character’s experience in order to learn new skills and abilities, loot or treasure, in-game currency such as gold coins, access to new locations or areas, or any combination of the above.
Quests are typically grouped in to one of four categories: kill quests, gather quests, delivery quests and escort quests. Quests can be linked together to form quest series or chains. In this manner, quests are used to provide the player with further background to the setting their characters are in. This mechanism is also used to advance any story or plot the game might have.

I think that we collect quest chains.
Important links are in my opinion Michael Jackson: The Experience and The Immortal World Tour. This is so to speak real confirmation to continue the quest and Hoax. Just some media play role (TMZ, Radaronline, X17online). Speaking of X17online …

 Speaking of X17online …

Remember the photo of arrival ambulance to the hospital?

Exclusive right had photographers X17.

And recently, looking at this site in the tab “celebrities” I have found …
Conrad Murray. That’s funny.

I’m in this quest to end.

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