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Camera! Lights! Action! Part 2

Hi all who believe! Do you still believe?
 Then let’s go.
I recently found a video posted on YouTube by CNN with a small number of visitors. It seemed strange to me.
Video quality is poor.
 This is an interview with Ben Evenstad for Dr. Drew nearly 1/11/2011

But I found a video of excellent quality with the interview:

On Tuesday night, Dr. Drew spoke to the photographer who snapped the last picture of Michael Jackson inside the ambulance the day the pop star died.

While they walked outside Jackson’s former rented Holmby Hills mansion, Dr. Drew began the conversation by asking Ben Evenstad what sort of things he would look for before that tragic day.

“We were either looking for a doctor’s visit because we could always get pictures there, or a shopping trip,” he said.

Evenstad also noticed that Jackson was rehearsing months before his death.

“That started about five to six months [prior],” he said.

Dr. Drew commented on how so much had been made of the few days before Jackson passed away – the notion that he had been in such good shape. “[So] he had been rehearsing for quite some time,” Drew said.

Drew also mentioned how Jackson could sometimes be heard rehearsing in the mansion at night. He was reportedly known for being a night owl.

“He would stay up late,” Evenstad said. “I had a conversation with one of the members of the security staff that indicated there were many times where they took him out where nobody was here, meaning very, very late at night – three in the morning.“

Did this mean that Jackson’s sleep problem was already well established?

Dr. Drew asked Evenstad if he had seen anyone making trips pharmacies.

“We would follow security staff,” Evenstad said. “A lot of times they would do advance work – go to a store [or] movie theater. We wanted an idea of what Michael would do later. Often times they would go to pharmacies [and] pick up various things.”

Evenstad said he could never see what was picked up because “they were smart enough to not let that picture out.”

Later, the two began speaking about the day Jackson died.

“One of my photographers was here posted early in the morning,” Evenstad explained. “Shortly after noon, he saw the ambulance arrive [and a] fire truck parked outside … He alerted me [that there was] an ambulance at the house. At that time we had no idea … it could be anything … I got here in like 10 minutes.”

Drew asked if Evenstad was aware that something was seriously wrong.

“At first, we thought maybe one of the kids is sick – maybe one of the staff is sick,” he recalled. “Through the fire truck outside, we could see the computer monitor and it said ‘50-year-old male not breathing’, – knowing Michael was 50 years old, we thought, ‘OK, this is probably Michael.’”

Evenstad went on to say that he noticed Dr. Conrad Murray coming to the residence for a couple of months and that Murray was with Michael Jackson in the house for a long time.

“I heard some of the fans say they would see Michael Jackson leave five or six times a day … go to the dermatologist’s office,” Dr. Drew said.

Evenstad said Jackson would “be in the building where Dr. Arnold Klein is” … almost once a day for up to three hours.

“I am a physician,” Dr. Drew said. “I don’t know of any condition that requires a daily dermatology visit over long periods of time.”

At the end of the interview, Evenstad, a man who observed how the place operated, was asked if he had insights as to how Conrad Murray and Michael ran their day.

“All the days were pretty similar,” Evenstad said. “The guards came and went at the same time. Murray came and went at the same time. Michael, when he was going to rehearsal, would be on a fairly consistent schedule. So my guess is, from an outsider’s perspective, whatever was going on in there, was something that happened every day or every night and this one time it went bad and they weren’t prepared for it.”

Catch Dr. Drew weeknights at 9 p.m. ET on HLN and follow the show on Twitter @DrDrewHLN.

First, I have never seen some of the shots and angles from 25 June 2009, that is on this video. Fire truck never showed us the front. After all, were originally exclusive video from the Hollywood Tv and TMZ.


After all, were originally exclusive video from the Hollywood Tv and TMZ:

It turns out that Ben’s (NPG) was not only exclusive pictures, made in the ambulance (supposedly), аnd that lawyer Brian Oxman called a fake, but also on video.


Why we have not seen this video before?
Perhaps you have noticed something else on the frame showing the events June 25, 2009?

  1. Breakodawn
    14.08.2012 at 5:20 pm

    Hi Arvenru,Yes an interesting video.On the right of the screen it says…..Courtesy: National Photo Group.Maybe this is the footage from that other day…..?as Ben let slip back in June 2009.
    Cheers Breakodawn.

    • 15.08.2012 at 6:48 am

      Thank you very much. Yes, apparently there were several “other” days to shoot all this ugliness))

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