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Michael Jackson`s 4D hologram is a reality… Part II

20.05.2014 2 comments

Michael Jackson`s 4D hologram is a reality… (part I)

May 17,2014

The ruling doesn’t mean that the Jackson hologram is in the free and clear, however. With the injunction denied, the plaintiffs won’t be able to stop Sunday’s performance, but they’ll still be able to seek damages. In a separate case, Hologram USA is suing Cirque du Soleil and MGM Resorts International for their use of a hologram during the “Michael Jackson One” show that’s currently in Vegas.

“It’s a whole new technology that we’re not really revealing the details of which, because Michael never revealed the details of his magic,” Jackson estate spokeswoman Diana Baron told PEOPLE.


Flanked by real-life dancers, the footage of the entertainer, who died in 2009 at age 50, was not taken from a previous performance and was created specifically for the awards show.

“When [the illusion of Michael Jackson] started dancing, unbelievable,” Jackie told PEOPLE after the performance. “It took me back. If Michael was here, he would say, ‘Thumbs up!’ “


‘Digital formaldehyde’ (CNN)

Though the Jackson hologram was new, the debate over whether or not deceased celebs should be brought back is not. The Billboard “performance” also resurrected the discussion on whether fans even want to see their favorite artists as holograms.

In 2012 a hologram of the late rapper Tupac Shakur stunned audiences at the Coachella music festival. Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley have also been reanimated, after a fashion.

The technology bringing Tupac, Sinatra back to life

At the time, National Post writer Matt Gurney argued that dead stars should be allowed to rest in peace.

“The technology is undeniably impressive,” Gurney wrote in 2012. “But Shakur is not a fictional character, owned by a studio, but a real-life human being. His work may be owned and licensed, but not his entire being. It is impossible to know how he’d have felt about being on that stage.”

…The technology seems to have gotten even better. As one person tweeted (we hope jokingly), “I am very scared why is Michael Jackson alive.”

The performance had the full support of the Jackson family estate. According to Billboard, brother “Jackie Jackson started to tear up as he recalled watching ‘Slave to Rhythm’ in the audience at the MGM Grand Arena.”

“When he started walking and dancing, I was teary-eyed,” Billboard reported him as saying. “It’s hard to please Michael’s fans and Michael… I’m telling you it’s amazing.”


So, what is the secret technology?

Michael Jackson Hologram Conjures Billionaire’s Patent Lawsuit (Exclusive)





Michael Jackson, Cirque du Soleil, MGM and Stimulated.Inc???

Kenny Ortega, Michael Jackson and Simon Fuller.

Robin Leach: “Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil touring show will first run as a showcase in Montreal for just two weeks and then come to Mandalay Bay Events Center late next year for an as-yet-undetermined multiple-week residency before starting a world tour. “

“No decision has been made yet on the MGM property that will host the resident show when it’s finally produced in 2012. I have been told that technology that Michael Jackson himself had supervised for the This Is It run of concerts at London’s 02 Arena will be used in the Las Vegas shows, with even more advanced innovative and cutting-edge technology to be specially developed, including 3D.

MGM Marketing President Bill Hornbuckle told me moments ago: “Over the last 40 years, three entertainment icons changed the face of music: Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Michael Jackson. MGM and Cirque now have the ultimate trio.

““MGM Cirque and Michael Jackson’s lawyers worked on this deal for the past two months, and we’re obviously very excited. The lawyers came to Las Vegas a few weeks ago to see Viva Elvis, Love and the O shows before giving the OK. No current Cirque show will be dropped. This will be a new addition — the eighth!”

Wow, it`s interesting. So when Michael actually began cooperating with the circus?

“Bill also told me that incredibly years ago, there were preliminary talks among Michael, Cirque and MGM, but nothing specific materialized. He added: “There have been very preliminary talks about constructing a new theater for this show because of the technology that will be implemented, but it’s too early for there to be any specifics about that. Now that the announcement has been made, all of that planning gets underway.”

One entertainment insider commented: “The world will come to Las Vegas for this Michael Jackson show. In one fell swoop, Las Vegas fortunes are restored, and every MGM hotel will be filled for years. It truly is the one destination now for Michael’s fans from all around the globe. It will create an even bigger phenomenon.”

“In a one-on-one exclusive, I just interviewed Cirque du Soleil President Daniel Lamarre, who told me that he first met Michael in 2004 and gave him a tour of the Montreal headquarters. “He was a big Cirque fan and saw all our shows,” Daniel said. “The last one he saw was Love at The Mirage.

We flirted sporadically but over many years talking about how a Cirque show would interpret his songs and his music. We only finished the agreement in the last few hours. His mother told us all, ‘Michael always wanted to work with Cirque, so do this.’ It was her approval that sealed the deal. She played a major role in Cirque winning against many others interested in such a show.

Daniel added: “I want Mrs. Jackson and the fans to be very proud of what we create. There will be no Michael Jackson impersonators. There is only one Michael Jackson!”

Thank you Daniel.

“Daniel invited me to Montreal for Day 1 of the creation team at work on the Michael Jackson show, so we’ll go there for that and report weekly as it develops. He also revealed that Michael’s estate, MGM and Cirque will bring in a fourth partner to create the most advanced and innovative technology.”

Who is the mysterious fourth partner?

Maybe Stimulated, Inc.?

“Daniel said Cirque’s creative team is already looking at This Is It dress rehearsal videos to use in the shows.”


Let’s go back a little.

April 2009: “Michael himself has told AEG London producers that he wants to have magical elements in his new shows, plus a lineup of look-alike dancers. It is safe to assume that the visit here was a scouting and research trip to see the latest innovations in the world’s entertainment capital.”