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Soldiers of L.O.V.E. – Part IX

Hello to all who beLIEve!)
I’ll just leave this here—>>>

Strut is the upcoming tenth studio album by American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and arranger Lenny Kravitz, will be released on September 23, 2014. It will be the first release on Kravitz’s own Roxie Records, with distribution by Kobalt Label Services.

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No. Title Length
1. “Sex” 3:55
2. “The Chamber” 4:57
3. “Dirty White Boots” 3:58
4. “New York City” 6:23
5. “The Pleasure And The Pain” 5:09
6. “Strut” 3:10
7. “Frankenstein” 4:35
8. “She’s A Beast” 4:43
9. “I’m A Believer” 3:17
10. “Happy Birthday” 4:57
11. “I Never Want To let You Down” 4:38
12. “Ooh Baby Baby”




(I Can’t Make It) Another Day



He is alive & well? Ok, thanks :)

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July 18, 2010: Twitpic by Nelson De La Nuez

Special thanks to La Estrella

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The Greatest Show on Earth. PROJECT BELIEVE & L.O.V.E. Part 7

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Well, I called this “a project” for convenience, but in fact it IS a project. The main goal is to set some signal marks for the prospective “believers”. A significant number of big enterprises and individuals are involved in it. The main are Cirque du Soleil, SONY and some others. Each one has its own role in this play.

The most-talked-of sign is the poster of the Cirque du Soleil’s Show “BeLIEve” with Criss Angel. As I have already told before, the poster was made in 2008.

It has been discussed for many times already, but let me draw your attention to the main things.

Arven: “They have systematized the BELIEVE…
This post is a bit of a rehash, or summary, of all of the research done by myself and my friends at MJHD and MJH Forum. There have been numerous postings tying Criss Angel’s “Believe” show to Michael Jackson, that I thought it would be a worthwhile exercise to consolidate all of the findings into one post. If I have missed anything, please let me know.

First, the most obvious is the symbolism of Criss Angel’s “Believe” poster. The following shows the aspects of the poster that seem mysteriously (or coincidently) tied to MJ: (click to enlarge)

Then, we see other interesting coincidences… first, Orianti’s new album, which is called, you guessed it..”Believe”…

In addition, we have MJ’s children sporting a hat and T-Shirt from the “Believe” show. (thanks to a poster named “Jamiee” who posted Blanket’s pic on one poster had shown a comparison of the two “angel” pictures between MJ and Criss Angel,posted byMiss-Zazi95 on

An interesting aspect of Criss Angel’s show is that he is taken away by ambulance, and presumably dead:
“In the entry hallway of the auditorium hang pictures depicting Criss Angel surrounded by insipid white rabbits that materialize and fade as one passes by. The classical stage is hung with thick curtains and framed with rococo golden sculptures depicting rabbit motifs. After the usual amusing Cirque du Soleil preamble with the ushers, Criss emerges to thunderous applause and enthusiasm from a full house. His infatuation with the television camera as a tool for his magic is proven when he disappears from a rolled-up screen while being monitored by a camera. The banner drape he uses is coincidentally brought in by one of his fans sitting in the front rows. The subsequent trick is a straightforward prediction effect in an overhead-hanging casket that is baffling and direct. Then he speaks about his foolhardy obsession with an illusion involving an enormous Tesla Cage that delivers six million volts, which he was about to perform live. An impressively realistic Tesla coil suddenly injures Angel badly, and the rest of the cast is seen rushing to and fro, apparently quite helpless until a stretcher takes him to an ambulance. This is recorded on camera and shown on large video screens and, although everybody knows that it involves stage blood, the close-up of his face is graphic and provides quite a gruesome and unnecessarily morbid spectacle. From then on, what dominates the show is a weird dream emerging from a dark mind.”
This is from a review of the show on “
According to, MJ saw “Believe” with Kenny Ortega in April 2009, and wanted a lineup of “lookalike dancers” for his show:
Now is something very interesting…

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The Greatest Show on Earth. The Show Begins… BARNUM&BAILEY CIRCUS. Part 6

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 As I have promised we return to Barnum’s circus. 

March 5, 2009. Press Conference
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The Greatest Show on Earth. MICHAEL AND ILLUSIONISTS 2009. Part 5

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As we learned from Part 2, according to the words of Jack WISHNA Michael suddenly refused from staging the show in Las Vegas and decided to sign 50 concerts with AEG.

Mass media constantly spread the rumors that Michael has some negotiations with this or that illusionist (the full list of the illusionists is given below in chronological order).


The official site of Copperfield
As far as I can understand the record starts on July, 3rd?


“When I was a child my I was a fan of Peter Pan: I tried to always think about good, I jumped on my bed but I could never fly. Probably David Copperfield is still a little boy deep in his soul, who can fly just as Peter Pan.”

What connects him with Michael?

In 1997 David Copperfield showed up in a movie Michael Jackson: HIStory on Film – Volume II.

He also starred in Liberian Girl video.

According to mass media, he was going to prepare some numbers for This Is It, but the friends couldn’t agree upon the price.

However, it turns out that the rumors are a 1st April’s joke!!!

Not according to Chris Kenner. Various online news outlets appear to have been caught up in the April Fools Day shenanigans which pop up every April 1st. Everyone from Yahoo News, MTV UK and Perez Hilton have been reporting stories along the lines of, “Michael Jackson is a huge fan of magic and has enlisted the help of illusionist David Copperfield to add some magic to his upcoming run of concerts in the UK.” David’s producer and friend Chris Kenner told us by phone today, “I don’t have any idea where this came from. I have been getting hit with emails all day asking about this and there have been no such discussions.” WHEW… I’m glad that we waited for secondary confirmation before posting anything.
Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 02:21PM”

Don’t you find it strange? It looks like an attempt to trail a red herring across the path.



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Dr. Conrad Murray on IMDB

The Greatest Show On Earth. BARNUM CIRCUS. Part 1

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Originally the information given below was posted on the forum

Please, when copying any information from this blog, do not forget to give a link to it..

It is too fantastic to be true…

So let us consider that it is just a plot of my imagination. It ever it turns out to be true, I will be surprised most of all. So this is an unbelievable version, which appeared during my research and due to the results achieved at my topic “Michael and illusionists” on the forum . I know that many people didn’t take this subject seriously and they kept asking me how it was connected with the events that happened to Michael on the 25th of June. I would like to thank all the people who took part in the discussion of the subject and who found many interesting facts and really valuable information, namely La Estrella, marik771, нюша, makarena, Arven, Волшебная Шняшка, Эвридика, Вероника, Гуру, Angel.jva, All, Bebbit, kto_nado, Клара Захаровна. Thank to you all, the separate pieces of a puzzle began to make a whole picture.

At the time I started that research, I was only driven by intuition, and some things didn’t want to add up. And of course, I could not even imagine how big that research was going to be. As a result, those little pieces of weird information that didn’t match started to make a rather orderly scheme of a surprising and grandiose plan, which could only be created by a genius.

Michael Jackson is a person of a planetary caliber and his influence can hardly be measured. It is very difficult to treat him as a usual person. I know that now I will be criticized by those people who cannot put up with the fact that Michael could have intentionally planned his leaving for many years. Right, the image of a victim is much dearer to the heart and it evokes sympathy. On the other hand, it is so hard to believe that the victim can bare his teeth. If you think that Michael was a person used by everyone and who had no idea about his business, then better stop reading this post. Michael is an outstanding businessman of all times, he is a real professional. And all these qualifications can perfectly harmonize with a kind heart. I am sure that Michael had a right for this hoax and he had to do so. And a genius like Michael can make a real knockout. I will dare to suppose that Michael, who realizes his influence upon people, even decided to carry out the mission of saving the world. At that he was solving his own problems.

Michael also loved to attract wonders and make magic.)

This post is an attempt to systemize the information gained by me and the above mentioned people, and to reconstruct the events of the preparation for the Greatest Show we witness at the moment, and to understand what kind of final there could be. Many people are already aware of this information, but for some of you it can be quite interesting to read.
“My funeral will be the Greatest Show on Earth. This is what I want”.
Michael Jackson



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