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Soldiers of L.O.V.E. – Part IX

Hello to all who beLIEve!)
I’ll just leave this here—>>>

Strut is the upcoming tenth studio album by American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and arranger Lenny Kravitz, will be released on September 23, 2014. It will be the first release on Kravitz’s own Roxie Records, with distribution by Kobalt Label Services.

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No. Title Length
1. “Sex” 3:55
2. “The Chamber” 4:57
3. “Dirty White Boots” 3:58
4. “New York City” 6:23
5. “The Pleasure And The Pain” 5:09
6. “Strut” 3:10
7. “Frankenstein” 4:35
8. “She’s A Beast” 4:43
9. “I’m A Believer” 3:17
10. “Happy Birthday” 4:57
11. “I Never Want To let You Down” 4:38
12. “Ooh Baby Baby”




(I Can’t Make It) Another Day



Much ado about … New album

10.11.2010 2 comments

In recent days, there was much debate among fans and believers.

New song fake or not?
I think that the conclusions can be drawn only after the release of “Michael”.

For me, became interested in some information.

Here an interview with Teddy Riley. I apologize for the translation from French.

For two days, the song Breaking News presented as an unreleased Michael Jackson all feeds suspicion and all the rumors. While Sony’s official position remains the same, saying that this is the King of Pop sings on this track, the voices of dissent are increasingly likely to rise. There are only three hours, and Jackie Jackson said on Twitter “My friend John McClain and I have insisted for many weeks for some pieces are removed from the new album from Michael. Unfortunately, our concerns were not taken seriously “. On the eve of release of the title, the producer Teddy Riley, who worked on the song, is involved in radio Show and The Unplugged Gyant also said John McClain, revealing the existence of profound disagreements that sub- tend “Case Breaking News.He urged listeners to take his words seriously. He explained that he was a “true friend of Michael Jackson” and repeated what he said earlier on Twitter, that it had not been paid for his work on the project. “Because I did it for Michael Jackson, not for Sony or for family […] What is important is to live his legacy. This voice is Michael Jackson. Everyone who have really been in the studio with Michael for 20 years, all professionals and musicologist who spoke all said that it was Michael. Including me. ” Teddy Riley cites the name of Brad Buxer among these professionals.He then explained that his role was that of a “finisher”, which is called when the projects come to an end so that he completes. This was the case for Dangerous, HIStory, but also for the album in question today. He said that some producers raised by the current project had never worked with Michael Jackson so they just mix the tracks without really perceive what the King of Pop would have really liked.Refusing to name names, but he openly identified with the “initials are JM” (John McClain). He explained that John McClain had a challenge on this record by making his side’s own mix of the album. “He is the head of the Estate,” said Teddy Riley, leaving little doubt about the identity of “JM” which he refused to give the name explicitly. “He challenged me because I worked in the studio and I told him ‘I can not work here, I’m not comfortable.” And when I left the studio, he designated another producer to remix and mix the same song as the one on which I worked.Riley said that his version of the song was chosen at the expense of that performed by the producer chosen by McClain. He said it was after this disavowal of McClain that rumors claiming that the voice was not that Michael Jackson has emerged. “Suddenly, this is not the voice of Michael … Why, because his songs [those of McClain] were not selected. “It could be seen as a smear campaign,” commented one of the hosts. “It is one,” said the producer, suggesting a fairly obvious rumor was started to sabotage his version of the title.He said that the truth would eventually emerge and “then you will see who is right and who is wrong. It’s been so long that it lasts.”Teddy Riley explained that there are very many recordings of Michael Jackson but that often the artist was content to record the first verse and chorus. That is why they are considering for the next project, the release of an album of “duets” with great artists who sing for “complete” left unfinished titles.He again repeated that his contribution to the project was not for Sony, was for anyone other than Michael, “he had not even signed a contract. He said that John McClain had not been asked to take part in the project that in order to add his own name to his. Asked by the hosts on the risks of lawsuits incurred by revealing all this, he replied: “My lawyer is the best lawyer in Atlanta so I do not care.”He then explained that it took him five hours to do the mixing of the first title, where other producers needed five or six days per song. He said that the reason for these differences lies in the fact that he had sounds that Michael Jackson served as samples. He has told at the time of Digital Audio Tapes (audio recording media), the artist went out to sample the sounds he reused in his songs. Known example that is how he has integrated background noise you hear early as They Do not Care About Us, looking through the window and recording the sounds of a school adjacent to the recess time. 

Riley admitted he was “disgusted” by both the stories about Michael Jackson when he was alive and those traveling today and he said all this was about money. He says that working on recordings of the artist had been difficult on an emotional level and to achieve this, he had appealed to Harrison Funk, one of the official photographer for Michael Jackson, now his own photographer. He asked her to bring the pictures he had “to get the impression that Michael was there with me.” He explained that we would see the presence of these pictures if a documentary was made from all the videos shot in the studio. “It was the only thing that allowed me to keep my spirits and not go crazy while working on his music.”

Asked about drug use that precipitated the death of Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley has confirmed statements made by others close to the artist, explaining that if anyone tried to intervene when “doing things that it should not do, “he spread them. He added that Michael Jackson never took drugs when he was in the presence of his friends or his family. “He loved to have company and as one friend was at his side, he did not do,” he said. “He suffered much because of his skin condition and so many things … he suffered a lot so he had to take these drugs,” Riley said, explaining that Michael Jackson was the sacrifice “to deny it when It was attended by someone.

Commenting on the management of the musical legacy of the King of Pop, he ended with these words. “It’s a conspiracy. I can not say it openly, I signed a confidentiality agreement but there is a conspiracy, AZ … and there are people who act for the welfare of children and that inhibit these other people because they think that acting for the welfare of children is not in their interest. ”

If this interview with Teddy Riley is far from lifting the veil over this whole affair and does not explain the presence Breaking News voices that seem to belong to a voice impersonator, it highlights the existence of deep differences over which it would good for the Estate – or Sony Music – chooses to communicate.


Agreement on confidentiality. Wow!
Who has signed an agreement TEDDY RILEY? With Sony? So why not say it?

And another oddity–>>By Roger Friedman

Sources tell me there’s plenty of proof left behind by Michael that he provided the vocals on 12 tracks. Michael wasn’t just sitting around that whole time in the studio. He worked on the songs, and there’s evidence of it in the notations.Some of the confusion on the currently streaming “Breaking News” may exist because Michael provided “guide” vocals on the tracks. He didn’t record back up vocals or anything else that would embellish a regular recording. Producers have added back up singing and instrumentals to flesh the records out.Michael also never finished or polished up the tracks. What’s been done to them is similar to what was applied to the song “This Is It.” Jackson had left just a one track vocal with a piano playing in the background.John McClain added background vocals from Michael’s brothers and other musical elements to give the track life. 


Back vocals of the brothers. Hmm … Why not Jackie wrote about what he and his brothers took part in the recording? Or he did not sing?